Vinod J. Nair



Vinod is a Senior Lecturer at The Design School, Taylor’s University, Malaysia. He is an educator, designer and photographer that has plied his trade in the industries of Mumbai, India and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His current interest involve the research and revision of public school emblems in Malaysia and the creation of a standardised numberplate typeface for Malaysia's vehicles. Vinod is a self-taught type designer and began his journey in typeface design in the early naughties fumbling with Fontographer, when resource was scarce and type design non existent (almost). He officially began teaching typography and type design as a task in 2010 and has since then observed the steady growth and interest in type design in Malaysia.



Will that work? Let's try out with the students.

Typography, as a taught discipline in Malaysia, has long been included as part of design curriculums in design courses since the 1980s. However, type design in typography is a fairly recent inclusion. Over the last decade there has been a palpable, albeit still limited, increase in awareness and interest in type design and type design education in Malaysia. As educators and practitioners in the discipline of typography, we feel it prudent to share our experiences in the challenging task of type design in design education.


In our presentation, we introduce two distinct and potentially novel approaches in teaching type design by two different educators. While the approaches are either rooted historically or conceived through observation, the methods and processes are potentially new. The teaching of this discipline is supported by two distinct strategies used separately in our teaching and learning; reflective practice, which focuses on thoughtful and critical analysis of learning through the use of e-portfolios, and collaborative practice, which uses collective intelligence of the class to promote discussion and learning through the use of online platforms. The strategies strive to improve learning by increasing introspection or engagement.


Our presentation will showcase the methods used and the outcomes achieved and draw conclusions from a joint perspective. It will also explore potential paths forward to increase interest and awareness in type and typography amongst learners but also collaboration between educators in the discipline of typography.

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