Tim Ripper



Tim Ripper (b. 1986) has been a type designer and developer at Commercial Type since 2016. At Commercial, he has worked on custom typefaces for clients including MIT, REI, the V&A Museum, and The Guardian, as well as the retail typefaces Successor and Seance. He contributed to various designs in the Commercial Classics library and also develops internal software and type-design tools for Commercial. His interests include vernacular lettering, type history, toolmaking, interface and process design, languages and linguistics, and bringing a multidisciplinary approach to projects.


After majoring in Physics as an undergraduate, Ripper spent two years in Beijing and Tianjin, China as an editor and educator before receiving an MFA in Graphic Design from the Yale School of Art. Prior to Commercial, he worked as a typeface designer at Frere-Jones Type in Brooklyn, and as a design intern at Fathom in Boston.



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