Sirin Gunkloy



Sirin Gunkloy is a typeface designer and researcher based in Bangkok. She studied Visual Communication Design at Silpakorn University and worked as a multidisciplinary designer at Rabbithood Studio, focusing on both local and urban clients. She was funded as an artist in residence at Mite-Ugro in South Korea for a brief period before joining Cadson Demak, actively contributing to the success of several corporate projects, most notably 'Thai Font Classification,' which proposed to transform existing literature into a contemporary classification perspective. She graduated from EsadType in France by creating a Thai-Latin typeface family to address Thai news media's current complex typographic challenges. Her specific interests include multi-script typography, socio-cultural influences on and public awareness of letterform, print and manuscript culture, linguistics, and palaeography. She is currently expanding her knowledge of Thai and Oriental epigraphy while also working with other foundries like Typotheque.



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