Ryota Doi



After receiving his BA in design from Tokyo University of the Arts, he enrolled in the MA typeface design program at the University of Reading, where he studied the differences between Japanese and Latin type design. Since 2015, he has been a member of Monotype, focusing his expertise on designing Japanese typefaces that harmonize with Latin counterparts, and vice versa. His creative endeavors also encompass the creation of corporate typefaces and the provision of consulting services. Notable contributions include the creation and development of widely acclaimed typefaces such as Tazugane Gothic, Tazugane Info, and Shorai Sans. As a key member of the Tazugane Gothic design team, he played a crucial role in expanding the font family to accommodate CJK languages. His unwavering passion for typefaces also finds expression through educational pursuits, including delivering lectures at universities and engaging as a speaker at both international and domestic conferences.



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