Nalat Jaturapattarapong



Nalat Jaturapattarapong is a Bangkok-based type designer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts from Chulalongkorn University, she joined Cadson Demak's font team in 2020. She specializes in type design, research projects focused on Thai script, and is well versed in Thai script paleography.


Nalat's upcoming typeface, "Mekom," an eccentric geometric typeface with humanistic features, is scheduled to be released on Adobe Fonts in 2024. In addition to her work in typography, she has a keen interest in linguistics and is an avid collector of portable typewriters.


Currently, Nalat plays a pivotal role in consultancy projects within the Cadson Demak team, lending her native expertise in Thai script to international companies, including Adobe and Dalton Maag. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is dedicated to passing on her accumulated knowledge through workshops, online conferences and  mentorship to ignite the curiosity of typography enthusiasts.



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