Mim Tejapaibul



Mim Tejapaibul is a Bangkok-based graphic and type designer. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. She worked as a graphic designer in San Francisco before joining Samatapaph, Cadson Demak’s Visual Communication company, in 2020. She specializes in brand identity design, custom logotypes, and typographic solutions for branding.


Mim is interested in paleography, microtypography, collecting type ephemera, and educating the general public about punctuation marks. She most recently completed the Type@Cooper Condensed program at Cooper Union where she designed a text typeface for publications.


Currently, she is working on a research and revival project of a 14th century manuscript written in a Gothic Textura Prescissa hand. She also plans to continue refining the italics of her text typeface. She spends her free time at her shared studio space and artist collective, Ruammitr Collective, where she collaborates with the members in an array of creative projects.



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