Kumphol Ponpisute



GOLF, Kumphol Ponpisute (born 1987) is the Co-founder of SMM (Studio Marketing Materials), a creative service and consultancy studio based in Bangkok.


SMM undertakes a wide range of projects for various brands, including SCG, theCOMMONS, Gallery VER, Sasin School of Management, and the Creative Economy Agency, among others. The studio was established in 2015 and has since been actively involved in delivering high-quality services to its clients.


Originally from Pattaya, GOLF completed his education in Visual Communication Arts at Assumption University (ABAC). Following his graduation, he gained experience by working as a graphic designer in several design firms situated in Bangkok. After accumulating valuable expertise in the field, he harbored the aspiration to establish his own studio, which he realized with the collaboration of his college friend JARK, Jarut Chanprapanont.


Beyond his professional endeavors, GOLF also indulges in his passion for DJing and serving sake at the bar next to his studio, known as WONGAR.



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