Januar Rianto



Januar Rianto works at the intersection between design, education, and popular culture as a designer, editor, and publisher. Graduated from London, he later broadened his research and design methodologies in Treviso (Fabrica, Benetton Communication Research Center) and Tokyo (GDA Summer Session) focusing on speculative design and design critique. His practice mainly navigates through the peripheries of design, with the intention to develop criticality towards design as a discipline and towards the subject it explores, by embodying design as a way of seeing and framework. He runs Each Other Company (2015–), an interdisciplinary design practice; Further Reading ( 2017–), a risograph studio and publishing platform; and Jakarta Art Book Fair (2019–), a multi-day festival specialising in contemporary art books and publications. He is an awarded member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, UK (2012) and a Bronze Prize Winner at the 10th Asia Graphic Design Triennale, South Korea (2018).


Further Reading is an Indonesia-based, independent, multi-format publishing platform with a production and distribution unit. Further Reading seeks to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring the wider contexts through various programmed experiences, such as online publication, printed periodicals, pop-ups, and workshops on topics relevant to/within Southeast Asia as well as globally.



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