Carina Teo



Carina Teo is currently Executive Creative Director of Grab Creative Studio, the in-house team at Grab, the leading superapp of Southeast Asia. Under her leadership, Grab Creative Studio has grown to a size of over 110 people across 6 countries, producing work that have won not just effectiveness but also creative awards since 2016. Her branding work for Grab has gained recognition, including the Grab Community typeface which was the 2021 Winner of Typeface Design of The Type Directors Club. Prior to joining the dark side, Carina was Creative Director, Art Director, and Design Lead at international ad agencies like BBDO, Grey, Leo Burnett, and JWT.


She’s helped clients sell diapers, chocolates, fried chicken, telco plans, banking products, insurance, cigarettes…pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Her greatest fear is a tie between roaches and public speaking, so she has no idea why she said yes to speaking at BITS10. Oh dear god, please don't let there be any roaches at the venue.

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