Aditya Wiraatmaja



Aditya Wiraatmaja is a Jakarta-based designer specializing in type and graphic design. His work encompasses visual identity, editorial design, lettering, and typeface design. Aditya's work has gained recognition, including features in the Yearbook of Type and a Certificate of Excellence from the Type Directors Club. In 2021, he co-initiated Type Dialogue, a local type collective aimed at promoting typeface design and typography in Indonesia. The following year, he launched Type Design Club, a learning platform dedicated to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in typeface design, primarily for the Indonesian typographic community.



Embracing Vernacular Type: Unveiling Indonesia's Typographic Identity

In the diverse visual landscape of Indonesia, vernacular typographies have emerged as symbols of cultural identity and representation. These seemingly mundane crafts embody the essence of their respective locales, transcending mere design elements to become the living embodiments of the nation's rich cultural heritage.


Hosted by Further Reading, this panel of discussion aims to explore the significance of vernacular type in Indonesia and its relevance in contemporary society. We will delve into how these typographies harmoniously blend with local culture, reflecting the unique identities of the regions they represent. By understanding the typographic intricacies of each place, we can gain insights into the values, traditions, and histories that shape design choices.


Throughout the discussion, we will showcase the impact of vernacular type in various visual contexts, ranging from street signs, traditional art, and cultural events to digital platforms and commercial branding. We will analyse how these typographies evoke a sense of belonging, reinforce cultural pride, and foster a stronger connection between communities and their surroundings.


As Further Reading seeks to publish Further Reading Zine Series: The Southeast Asian Types, a zine celebrating typeface design from Southeast Asia, this panel discussion becomes even more relevant. We will explore the contributions of different designers and the unique perspectives they bring to the publication. By showcasing the various typefaces in the region, Further Reading Zine Series: The Southeast Asian Types zine serves as a platform for creative exchange, encouraging a dialogue on the significance of contemporary typography in the Southeast Asian cultural landscape.


This panel aims to inspire designers, typographers, and enthusiasts to embrace the unique typographic expressions of Southeast Asia and integrate them into modern design practices. By featuring type designs from Southeast Asian countries, we aim to spark curiosity and enable individuals to envision the potential of Southeast Asian typography. This, in turn, ignites their development in reimagining and celebrating the rich tapestry of typographic artistry within the region.

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